NEFERTITI FILM is an independent production company, located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, which operates at both the national and international level.
It creates research projects with a strong autorial orientation for the cinema, but not only, all based on an artisan philosophy.

NADIA TREVISAN was born in 1974.
She has a psichology degree from the University of Padua, she works for 8 years in Human Resources.
She takes her passion for the cinema to the next level, when she meets alberto fasulo with whom she starts a close collaboration.
In the last 5 years Nadia has worked as an executive producer, line producer and development producer for several cinematografic companies, following documentary projects, short films, feature films, videos and instructional videos.
As well as her hands-on experience, Nadia has attended audiovisual specialization courses at different levels.

ALBERTO FASULO born in 1976, started working in the movie industry as assistant director, between fiction and creative documentary, learning the job on film sets. In 2008, after seven years in Rome, he directed and produced his first feature film, documentary Rumore Bianco, selected by many international festivals and distributed in theaters in Italy. His debut singled him out as «a new promising author» according to Italian critics.

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