Rather than a film about a truck driver, this is a film about a paradox. The paradox of a job that makes you live far away from the people you care about, and for whom you are actually working. It took over four years to write. Over this period, I alternated phases of research in the field and others in which we stopped to reflect on the material we had gathered, in a continuous creative tension between fictional and documentary elements. In the meantime an unprecedented crisis had exploded all around us, which it is reductive and even wrong to label as merely economic. But rather than focus on a sociological point of wiew, I was interested in examining my character under the skin, in a moment of personal crisis which forced him to make a decision that was not only pratical, but ethnical and existential as well. In this sense, my ambition was form the film to be understood as a metaphor of contemporary life, and I will consider it "successful" only to degree in which it speaks to anyone who experiences this paradox at his own expense.

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